Production update Jan 2019

Posted by George Fox on


We hope you are all well, it's been a busy month and production prep is getting exciting, final details on the helmet are finishing off nicely and we're also restarting our PR campaigns. As you can see here was in the London Evening Standard last Thursday 10th Jan.


We can't wait to start making all your helmets, these will be made by hand and the most "laborious" of all the helmets we will ever make!, lots of skilled detailing and some very impressive craftsmanship is going into each Hedkayse One. We are pushing to complete all your helmets before our launching officially this April.

Attached are some detail shots of the HK One, as you can see it's coming on nicely. We are fine tuning the sonic welder heads and seam tapes as well as colour screening this week, and will keep in closer touch with schedules very soon.

Thank you once again so, so much for your kind and patient support, we are extremely fortunate to have such brilliant support.

With best regards,

The team at Hedkayse

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  • Less than one month before spring! A production update for Indiegogo orders would be appreciated. Thanks

    Michel on
  • Some earpads for winter or skiing?

    Rudi Claes on
  • Love the new look!

    Jackie Muller on
  • Hi,
    Is the HK One the final helmet that we will all be getting? I backed the campaign way back in the Indiegogo days.
    I funded two but only ordered a black one (I was hoping that you might come up with a white version later). This ballistic nylon one is way cooler!

    Alf on
  • I love the textured outer. It gives the helmet a much more urban almost industrial look and takes it away from the race helmet shiny helmets sported by racing cyclists. I feel I could tootle along on this helmet on my tatty old Dahon but still look ok on my Specialized Allen. Great work and looking forward to a summer of safer cycling

    Niall Murphy on

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