Innovating since 2013

Over £2 Million on Research and Development. Over a decade dedicated to improving head safety.

Hedkayse produces long lasting protective equipment for the sports we love.  Future proofed design is at the core of what we do.

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Our Story

Hedkayse founders Tony Walker and Andy Creak were fed up of walking into client meetings with a big bulky cycle helmet.  Putting your helmet in the corner of a board room when starting up fintech companies is not so cool…

The dream was a helmet that fits in your bag, suited to the commuter lifestyle.  Making this like conventional helmets - out of a fragile material like Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) did not make sense.  This started a ground up approach of completely re-thinking head protection.  We needed a brand new material technology that didn’t yet exist… 

The testing that helmets have to go through to become certified involves impact tests at extreme temperatures. We found that all impact foams turned into jelly when hot and into a brick when cold.  Through working with some of the country's top material engineers, thousands of tests and hundreds of formulations we discovered the answer which protects you again and again, whether it is hot or cold, wet or dry.  

We called this material Enkayse® 

Hedkayse head protection uses Enkayse® in our products to protect you again and again.  We started with bike helmets and are now expanding the range by launching a revolutionary, unparalleled rugby headguard. Enkayse® technology is the only multi-impact protection on the market that is optimised to protect at body temperature. 

The Future

We will continue to expand our range of the safest and toughest sports protection on the market. Due to the value that Enkayse® provides the sports industry we will start to see other brands licence the technology in their own products to help set a new standard for sports protection.