Seriously tough

The Hedkayse|ONE can withstand
multiple impacts and everyday abuse
with no loss of performance or damage
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No other cycle helmet can claim this.

Patented, entirely UK made, foldable, one-size.

Why choose A Hedkayse Helmet


Lined with Enkayse™, the Hedkayse | ONE can take multiple knocks and bumps, managing the energy of  impacts, retaining its integrity and passing EN1078 after 300+ impacts. 


The Hedkayse ONE X-Strap™ retention system is fully customisable, giving Hedkayse | ONE the ability to fit multiple head sizes comfortably and securely. 


Supplied with a branded WrapStrap. Our Patented folding helmet design reduces the width of the Hedkayse | ONE by 50% fitting easily into your bag.