George Fox - My Hedkayse journey

George Fox - My Hedkayse journey

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My Hedkayse journey…..

I’ve been driven to produce safety products ever since a close friend was killed when cycling. Tragically, he was unaware of how careful you should be with your cycle helmet and it failed to do its job. I dedicated myself to finding a way to offer cyclists better protection. A product that “looks after you”, not one that you have to look after.

Co-founding Hedkayse in 2013, it took over four years and thousands of exhaustive tests exploring various impact foams to eventually identify our ‘secret formula’. We’ve called it "Enkayse", offering exceptional impact performance, however, the absolute key is its ability to remain stable at body temperature. A real ‘Eureka’ moment.

After establishing a range of cycle helmets, we looked at where else Enkayse could better protect people, and it became clear that rugby was worth exploring. We went back to the drawing board and quickly discovered that like cycling, education and protection were key.

I’m immensely proud of our ‘Innovate, Educate, Protect’ approach, and firmly believe education is central to keeping players safe and helping Rugby thrive. As part of this, Hedkayse is now on the road in the UK with other experts to deliver concussion seminars at schools and universities. We will be expanding overseas into 2024.

It’s about you, the player. So, remember to play hard, play fair and play responsibly. You can rest assured that we’ve worked with leading experts to protect your brain as far as possible, but even Enkayse can’t protect you against all collisions.

If in doubt, sit it out. Nothing’s more important than looking out for your brain.

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