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Headguard - R5

Our World Rugby approved headguard designed specifically for Rugby Union match play. With 5mm of our proprietary Enkayse™ technology.

Headguard - R1

Our most protective headguard, suitable for all sports excluding Rugby Union. With 10mm of world leading Enkayse® protection.

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female headguard

We are currently developing a specific female headguard. Complete our research survey to share your thoughts and be the first to hear of any new developments.

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Why our headguards?

Reducing direct linear impacts to the head by up to 85%

Traditional scrum caps, or headguards, don't protect the brain. They use soft foam to protect against cauliflower ear and cuts & abrasions, they are not designed to reduce head impacts.

Hedkayse headguards are different, designed with our unique load spread material, we can reduce direct linear impacts to the head by up to 85%. We are the world's safest headguard - we checked.

Innovation & science

Our revolutionary material Enkayse®

After 4 years and 6,000 tests and iterations, we formulated our revolutionary Enkayse® material.

Scientifically and independently proven to offer an unparalleled performance, providing users the best possible protection against head injuries.

Enkayse® has a unique ability to load spread - diffusing the force and mitigating the impact to the skull and brain. Specifically this material has optimal performance at body temperature.

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concussion awareness

The importance of protection

The issue - ‘concussions & sub-concussions’ and total lifetime head injury debt

The cumulative number of total concussive and sub-concussive injuries sustained by an individual - think ‘compound interest’.

Minimising total lifetime debt is the cornerstone of potential CTE mitigation. Anything that can be done to lower head impacts to a level below sub-concussive threshold is to be applauded.

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design and testing

Developed with the best

Independent testing has been carried out with both The British College of Osteopathic Medicine and Imperial College London.

We developed the product with an independent and unpaid design authority made up from former & current players, coaches, referees, doctors & surgeons, designers and engineers.

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Designed for play

All over head protection

  1. Superior ventilation
  2. Customisable design
  3. Excellent situational awareness
  4. Zero reduction in hearing
  5. Occipital lobe coverage
  6. No lacing, no weak spots

Machine washable


3 year guarantee

No headguard can claim to prevent all concussions

"If in doubt, sit them out"

Hedkayse headguard is not THE solution to head impact concerns. It is, however, PART of the solution...along with education, awareness, tackle technique, neck strength and recovery protocols.

Our aim is to mitigate against multiple subconcussive impacts.

Reducing impacts to below 90g mitigates the potential of brain injuries.

“Whilst Hedkayse’s new material will not prevent all head injuries or stop all concussions occurring, it is a huge step forward in mitigation of risk for those participating in contact sports and is to be applauded.”

Dr. Marshall Garrett

Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow

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