FAQs - Cycling

Why is it called the Hedkayse | ONE?
"One" size fits all = head sizes 49cm up to 58.5cm (the sizes dictated by the standards). It's also the first helmet we've made, and given its unique multi-impact qualities, it might be the only 'one' you'll need! 
Why not make it out of the usual Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)? 
Polystyrene is made of thousands of rigid air bubbles designed to compress upon impact. In a collision these bubbles squash, crack, pop, and split open, resulting in a more gradual deceleration that transmits less force into the head. This works well, but it only works once, and only works efficiently if you look after your helmet - so no dropping, bashing or kicking of those EPS delicate helmets.

What is Enkayse™? Why is it better?
Enkayse™ has been designed and engineered specifically to provide the same levels of protection as traditional cycle helmets, however the protection is repeatable. So, after everyday knocks and even larger impacts, the helmet recovers. The Enkayse™ liner has made Hedkayse | ONE the world's first truly multiple impact cycle helmet. 
Although the helmet is described as multi-impact, I'm still concerned about the safety. 
We have conducted detailed studies under lab conditions to simulate over 100 high speed impacts (replicating crashes) and the performance of the Hedkayse | ONE is still above the EN1078 expected standard. For a more in-depth look at helmet safety and how Hedkayse performs compared to other helmets, have a read of our 'Making Sense of Cycle Helmets' publication, available to download for free here.
Is it legal for use in other countries outside the UK and Europe? 
The Hedkayse One is certified subject to English and European law for use in the UK and Europe (certificate is here EN1078). This allows full legal use and endorsement of our products within the UK and European Union. We are planning to achieve certification in other key countries and continents as soon as possible. Please note that until we have received full certification for your region, in purchasing this helmet you acknowledge this product is currently only certified for EU EN-1078 certification.
Do you provide international delivery? 
Yes, please see our Delivery and Returns page

We are a team / group wanting custom designs, is this possible? 
Yes, this is possible, drop us an email or give us a call with your thoughts  info@hedkayse.com or 01858414299

Import / export tax from January 2021
It is a legal requirement for Headkayse Ltd to declare the actual value of goods (excluding shipping charges) contained in all packages sent abroad.
Orders may be subject to import duties and taxes imposed by the destination country; any additional charges for customs clearance must be paid by the customer.
Customs policies vary from country to country, so you should contact your local customs office if you require more specific information. Please note that when ordering online you must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

Is it suitable for other sports? 
The Hedkayse | ONE is designed specifically for cycling, but EN1078 also certifies it for skateboards and roller-skates. Other activities require additional legal certification.
Can children wear the Hedkayse | ONE? 
Yes, if their head measures at least 49cm. As written in the information on the helmet, it is advised that children do not wear the helmet while climbing or doing other activities where there could be a risk of hanging or strangulation. 
Watch this space as we are working on more projects.
How much does it weigh? 
The Hedkayse One weighs approximately 495 grams.
What size does it compress to? 
In its unfolded state the Hedkayse | ONE measures 21 x 30 x 14cm (width, length height). When folded it measures 11 x 36 x 14cm. That's a reduction in width by 1/2!
Is it Waterproof? Can I wash it? How do I clean it? 
The Hedkayse | ONE is designed to resist extremely wet weather and extremes of temperature; so, everything you will need for cycling! The helmet is made with built in anti-bacterial agents. However, every-day life can be unforgiving! We recommend warm soapy water to clean off markings, mud, sweat, and other stuff.
Is the Hedkayse | ONE well ventilated for hot countries? 
Anything on your head will increase the temperature, we have designed the helmet with 4 large vents running the whole length of the helmet to maximise ventilation.
Will my Hedkayse | ONE colour fade or change?                                         
Over time, yes. Our "TAF" outer shell is designed to be incredibly tough and resistant to impacts. Exposure to UV light does cause colours to fade or change slightly over time. This is normal and most importantly does not affect the helmets physical properties or safety performance.
If I think my Hedkayse | ONE is faulty, who do I speak to?                             
We want you to have a perfect cycle helmet. If something goes wrong or you are concerned about a part of the helmet, please let us know. Send us a photo with your message to info@hedkayse.com, and we will work out what to do.
What should I do if I've had a crash?  
If you have a significant impact on the helmet, you should check for obvious signs of damage. If you're in any doubt about the integrity of your helmet, please contact info@hedkayse.com and if necessary we will courier the helmet for review (we will dispose of it responsibly if we feel necessary - in which case we will offer you a discount on a new helmet). Note that the regulation demands we state " that a helmet subjected to a severe impact should be discarded and destroyed." but of course this is driven largely by the use of polystyrene helmets that are damaged every time they are impacted.  See above section titled -   Although the helmet is described as multi-impact, I'm still concerned about the safety.”