Hedkayse Cycle Helmets on The Gadget Show

Hedkayse Cycle Helmets on The Gadget Show

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Hedkayse Cycle Helmets on The Gadget Show


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The Gadget Show got in touch and wanted to test it out the Hedkayse | ONE cycle helmet - Lined with Enkayse™ the revolutionary new impact management material.

The Gadget Show Cast and Iain O'Brien 

The biggest leap in cycle helmet technology replacing the standard polystyrene liner, the same material used to pack parcels!

Jon Bentley

A barrage of brutal tests, none of them real world (but we were up for it), were created by the show ideas team and carried out by Jon Bentley, Georgie Barrat and Craig Charles, at the Kevin Quarry, Uttoxeter with JCB. 


Georgie Barrat


JCB we're great hosts, they got all their big toys out - even the JZ141, a 14 ton tracked excavator - Probably the biggest Robot everyone's favourite Robot Wars hero, Charles, has ever been in control of.


Craig Charles on JCB excavator


We took our portable drop rig and set it up so that we could see how the Hedkayse ONE faired after each of the extreme tests.

Drop rig test with Gadget Show


An amazing setting, a great cast and crew and some results you'll have to tune in to see.


Watch it HERE





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