Hedkayse Headguard R1

Color Red

Current expected dispatch time is 3 weeks.

The Hedkayse Headguard is currently being sold for training only. Match play permission pending acceptance onto World Rugby Law 4 Headguard Trial

*at present the R10 is certified under the legal name R1. Pending alterations to legal documentation

New generation of Headguards

Same slimline fit as regular headguards.

Enkayse™ technology industry leading impact protection

Sound vents ensure zero reduction in situational awareness

Machine washable - Easy clean antimicrobial fabric

Key Points

Designed to protect.

Our independently verified data proves that no other rugby headguard gives you this level of protection. Read more through the link below

It’s comfy.

Designed by rugby players for rugby players, our headguard is crafted to provide a snug fit – no larger than standard scrum caps.

Unparalleled protection.

Our bespoke headguard doesn’t feature lacing, ensuring maximum protection for the back of your head.

You can still play your game.

Specially engineered to ensure you have premium ventilation and situational awareness.

Machine washable.

No more muddy or sweaty headguards. But please do not tumble dry.

*We are currently endorsed for use in training and are actively seeking acceptance in the World Rugby Law 4 Headguard Trial. 

Why we have created the world's safest rugby headguard

Rugby safety has come under unprecedented scrutiny. We want to be part of a solution that helps ensure the game can be enjoyed for generations to come.