Top Christmas Gifts for Cyclists 2019 – Something for Every Budget

Top Christmas Gifts for Cyclists 2019 – Something for Every Budget

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Christmas is fast approaching and the challenge of finding the perfect gift for your friends and family is upon you. You have checked everyone off your list apart from the cycling fanatic. Don’t worry we are here with the only list you will need to pick out that perfect Christmas gift for those cyclists in your life.

Perhaps you are the cycling fanatic and people always struggle knowing what to get you, meaning that you end up with something gimmicky that you don’t even end up using. Don’t fret, we bet there’s something for you on this list! Help your loved ones out and send them this list and point them in the right direction.

Now, we understand that Christmas is an expensive time. So, to suit every kind of budget this Christmas we have grouped gift ideas into the following sections:

  • Cycling gifts under £10
  • Cycling gifts under £40
  • Cycling gifts under £80
  • Cycling gifts under £160

Cycling gifts under £10

The Cyclist Ass Saver

Photo Credit: Cyclist

Cyclists are out there whatever the weather. Especially those who are commuting to and from work. A bit of rain never stops a devout cyclist. Well, there will be no more soggy derrières with this beauty. The Ass Saver by Cyclist is designed to well, save your ass. Simple in design, universally fitting and an absolute steal coming in at £9.00, the perfect stocking filling.

ByCyclogical Gripster

Photo Credit: ByCycological

Do you have to bring your bike into the house or place of work? Leaning your uncovered handlebars against walls will leave some very undesirable marks or even worse, damage your handlebars. That’s where the ByCyclogical Gripster come in. The Lightweight and simple design means that having these on your handlebars will not even be noticeable. They come in a range of 5 colours, so you can choose to stay true to your bike design or go contrasting and garish, it’s up to you. The Gripsters are £8.99 for a set of two, a small price to pay for precious handlebar protection. Arts: Cycling Collection


Photo Credit: Arts

No chance of rain or scratch marks with this gift, unless you aren’t a dab hand at DIY. This range of incredible collection of canvas prints from Arts, are the perfect gift for any cyclist. Ranging from the Tour De France to the Velodrome, these prints are enhanced by Augmented Reality for the ultimate cycling art experience. Simply view the print through a mobile device and watch the art come to life. The collection of prints ranges from £5 up to £50 so there are artworks for all budgets.

Cycling gifts under £40

Recycle and Bicycle Cuff Links


Photo Credit: Recycle and Bicycle Cuff Links

Tour de France at 1 pm but out for dinner at 7 pm? Don’t worry, these bike chain cuff links from Recycle and Bicycle have got you covered. Made from recycled bike chain, these cufflinks are the perfect Christmas gift for cyclists. The reclaimed chains have been thoroughly degreased so your shirts are safe. Now, the brand of the chain cufflinks will vary from purchase to purchase but that doesn’t take away from the quality.

Muc Off- Wash and Protect Lube Kit


Photo Credit: Muc Off

Your bike is your pride and joy, so when that bad boy gets dirty you need the best in cleaning products to get it back into ship-shape! This Wash and Protect Lube Kit from Muc Off is the perfect stocking filler. The kit contains a wet lube, a bike cleaner and polish, so you have everything you need to get that frame shining. The kit will set you back £16.49, a small price to pay for that professional shimmer.

Cycles T-Shirt With Reflective Print by INVISIBLE FRIEND  


This printed Cycles T-shirt from INVISIBLE FRIEND will take care of all your cycling-related fashion worries. You’ll go from fashion faux pas to glow in the dark with this tee. The bottom layer of bikes is a reflective material that illuminates in the dark. Safe and stylish, what more could a cyclist want for Christmas? The T-shirt comes in at a reasonable £24, so you won’t break the bank on this one.

Granite ROCK N ROLL: Compact Lightweight Toolkit

Photo Credit: Granite

ROCK N ROLL by Granite is the perfect Christmas gift for cyclists. As a cyclist, you never know when disaster will strike so being prepared is essential. ROCK N ROLL is a compact, lightweight tool kit. It’s made with high strength Cordura fabric, comes with a ratchet tool, extension rod and 9-bit kit. All tool bits are made from premium quality S2 alloy steel for exceptional strength! The Granite ROCK N ROLL kit will cost you £24.99, great value, portable and astounding quality. You can’t ask for much more.

Bike Parka: Stash

Photo Credit: Bike Parka

You see it all the time. Solemn bikes sat out in the rain collecting an ample amount of liquid to soak your behind. Not anymore. Stash by Bike Parka is the coat that you never knew you needed for your bike. The bike cover comes in six different colours and a range of different sizes. At £29.95 the Bike Parka’s rip-stop technology and handy travel bag makes it a real Christmas steal.

Cycling gifts under £85

Racing Bike Wheel Clock With Brake Disc by VYCONIC


Photo Credit: Not On The High Street

Time ‘wheelie’ flies when you are having fun. Keep track of it with this incredible wall clock by VYCONIC. This stunning bike wheel clock is produced using a high spec racing bicycle wheel. The wheel has a curved, two-tone, matte black inner edge, and silver-finished outer edge, with a chrome hub that houses the clock mechanism. Is also features a polished brake disc decoration in the centre. At just £75, this clock makes a wonderful centrepiece to anyone’s wall.

UPSO Bags: Potters Pannier


Photo Credit: UPSO Bags

The Potter Pannier by UPSO is a fantastic gift for cyclists this Christmas. It’s the answer for carrying things on your bicycle. Its roll-top design allows varying load sizes PLUS it’s waterproof. The shoulder strap means it can be carried comfortably off the bike and it fixes onto your bike with Quick Clip. At £55 this bag is the perfect solution for all your cycling-related logistical needs.

Camelbak: Octane XCT


Photo Credit: Camelbak

Riding a bike is thirsty work and it’s important to stay hydrated. The Camelbak Octane XCT is the perfect refuelling machine! It can carry a whopping 2 litres of fluid, perfect for that long commute to work. The bag is very lightweight, the waist belt supports your midriff and zipped pockets keep your essentials safe. There is also additional storage in the waist belt, so you can keep your keys, phone or map handy. The Octane XCT will cost you £84.99, but can you really put a price on the perfect Christmas gift for cyclists?

Cycling gifts under £170

Hedkayse|ONE Cycle Helmet



Photo Credit: Hedkayse

As luck would have it, our helmet is under £170, fancy that. The Hedkayse|ONE is the safest and toughest cycle helmet around. It’s Multi-Fit, multi-impact and it’s foldable. The helmet is made from Enkayse which manages the energy of impacts whilst retaining its integrity. Small knocks and bumps can affect normal helmets but the Hedkayse|ONE shrugs them off to provide you with continuous protection. It’s one size fits all so don’t worry about secretly measuring up the recipient's head. Plus, the Hedkayse|ONE can fold to 50% of its constructed width to fit into your bag. For £150 we think this is an absolute steal of a Christmas gift for cyclists, but don’t just take our word for it, take a look what everyone else has said. The Hedkayse|ONE also comes in either black or tan leather for the price of £280, for the fashion icon cyclists out there.

RHA: TrueConnect Headphones


Photo Credit: RHA

Everyone has that one song that just gets them going, gives them that much-needed boost. The RHA TRUECONNECT delivers a rich, full-bodied sound through truly wireless design, perfect for those on the move. The earphones have a five-hour battery life and come with a built-in mic. The charge pack will charge you back up for another two and a half hours of musical motivation! The TRUECONNECT earphones cost £149.95, the perfect gift for cyclists, maybe just the one you really like though.

Beeline: Beeline Velo

Photo Credit: Beeline

Beeline for Bicycles is a stripped back navigation device that makes finding your way on your bike a breeze. The screen has only the information you need, no annoying computerised voice commanding you around, no distractions, just directions. At £99, a 30-hour battery life, a year's warranty and some snazzy stickers can only be a bonus.

Garmin: Edge 500



Photo Credit: Garmin

The Garmin: Edge 500 tracks your distance, speed, location and elevation with high sensitivity GPS. The ANT+® compatible heart rate monitor, along with the speed/cadence sensor will give you a finely tuned analysis of your ride. The Edge 500 comes with a bike mount, an 18-hour battery life and a customisable screen. £169.99 to enhance your cycling performance? Sounds like a Christmas miracle to me.

Magazine subscriptions

For the gift that keeps on giving all year round, this Christmas get your beloved cyclist a magazine subscription. Keep them up-to-date with all the latest news and trends, give them updates on the latest technology and accessories, all with one gift, dreamy.

There are many magazines out there to choose from, however, we have picked 3 of our favourite ones below which range in price from £45 to £72 for a one-year subscription.

Health and Well Being - 12 months for £44.56

Cyclist - 12 months for £72

Rouleur - 12 months for £72

Each magazine does also offer special offers for subscriptions and short term options eg 3 or 6 months.

So, there you have it. The ultimate guide on buying the perfect gift for cyclists this Christmas. If you have any questions about this blog or anything else, check our FAQs or contact us. But for now, it’s goodbye, Merry Christmas and happy safe cycling.




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