A "Thank You" from Hedkayse

A "Thank You" from Hedkayse

Posted by Dan Thompson on

Thank you to our friends

Hedkayse, like many other companies, wanted to find a way to say "Thank You" to all the key workers who are helping us get through his pandemic.

We found the perfect solution in Leicester Bike Aid, an organisation that offers free bike loans and free repairs to existing bikes to Leicestershire's key workers.

Now their riders can enjoy a Hedkayse cycle helmet made from Enkayse, a memory-foam like material that is comfortable to wear, performs better than polystyrene helmets in tests and recovers after impact to perform again and again. Simply safer and tougher.

So, that's our small "Thank You", but we'd also like to thank our friends that helped make this happen: David Middlemiss, Andy Salkeld and Max Longley

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