Hedkayse x Sustrans

 We have partnered with Sustrans to bring you exclusive helmets designed by supporters. We are giving a donation of £50 with each helmet sold. Click here to buy or use code sustranscomp2022 at checkout.


The Hedkayse|Sustrans competition helmet - Bristol 

This helmet was designed by 13-year-old Elladora. The helmet design was inspired by the beautiful colours of a Bristol sunset and the iconic balloons. Click here to buy.

The Hedkayse|Sustrans competition helmet - National Cycle Network

This helmet was designed by Bristol-based Jo. The design is inspired by sights encountered on the National Cycle Network ‒ urban and rural: road markings, planted gardens, rock formations, rolling fields, sand dunes and more. Random ‘bird’s-eye views’ and abstract grids are spliced together to form a vibrant, graphic representation of the Network.  Click here to buy.