The research

We have been working with a number of leading further education and research centres to ensure we get verified independent data to help us create the best possible products.


BCOM Independent Research

Headguards in youth level rugby

Independent research was carried out by the British College of Osteopathic Medicine on the use of headguards in youth rugby.

The research participants included 176 parents and 131 coaches of youth level rugby. January - April 2023.

Are headguards needed?

Are headguards wanted?


Independent Impact Data

Hedkayse is the ONLY headguard to mitigate to sub-concussive levels*

*from 300g (+/-10%) at body temperature


World Rugby tests at 530g. We feel this is unrealistic on a rugby field. So what are ‘real’ rugby impacts?

It is currently unknown. There is an initiative to field-test data recording of ‘real’ impacts.

This is Instrumented Mouthguards (iMGs) “Their use provides insight into head acceleration event frequency and magnitude during training and match-play, which holds promise in informing the management of chronic load.”

“The potential to signal high-magnitude head impact incidents...”


Current highest recording is 190g. Current thinking is the highest impacts on a rugby field are up to 250g. Therefore, a more accurate Headguard test is to measure impact mitigation from 300g at body temperature let’s get testing...

The results

Hedkayse have ONLY headguards that mitigate to sub-concussive levels for each key area and overall.

Impact data verified by independent expert Dr. William G Proud, Director of the Institute of Shock Physics & Reader of Shock Physics at Imperial College London, through Imperial Consultants.