Hedkayse One £149.99

The Hedkayse One is flexible, durable and smart. The first truly multi-impact cycle helmet of its kind. Designed and made in the UK from Hedkayse’s own Enkayse material, you can be confident the Hedkayse One will take the bumps of everyday life and still protect when you need it most. Its patented folding design makes it ideal for the urban cyclist, commuter and bike-sharing user. Available in 8 bold, musically inspired colours. If you have one and want to see the fitting instructions please read more.

Unique Enkayse multi-impact material

This is a big first - yes you can drop it, bash it, knock it and it will be robust enough to handle this without falling to pieces like the packaging material helmets that are currently being made (sorry existing helmet people).

Certified to EN1078 Safety Standard

It passes all the European safety standards. More than that, we've impacted the helmets multiple times in the same spot and know that the helmet performs above and beyond the single-impact EN1078 requirements.

Patented folding design, reduces in width by 30%

You can undo the helmet and put it in your bag. It doesn’t fold completely flat but goes a heck of a lot smaller. You can also use the included strap to secure it to your bike or rucksack.

Single size helmet fits head sizes 49cm - 62cm

Yes, really. This helmet isn't for children as we are going to do a special one for those lovely people. Instead this fits most adults including Eric who has the biggest head of anybody we know. So no sizes on the buying options. You will have to select your colour though - our favourite at Hedkayse is Chris Yellow at the moment but this changes on a weekly basis.

Weight 670g

This helmet is slightly heavier than a skateboard, mountain bike or ski helmet. Let's be clear, this isn’t an ultra light road helmet. It's a helmet ready for the rough stuff, whether that means mud or the streets of a commute.

Patented Quick-release Adjustable Ratchet Chin-strap (QARC) system

It really is quick release. Very off-and-on-able.

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Thank you to George, Andrew, Grahame, Gab, Dom, Simon, Rob, Steve, Andrea, Rita, Andy, Tony, York and Ciaran. Great team effort.

Hand washable

Have you ever washed your existing helmet? Don’t tell anybody but we've actually tested it in washing machines (this probably isn’t the best thing to do for either device). Please give your Hedkayse One a good soak and a wash by hand every now and then. We bet you’ve never done that to your existing helmet. Yuck.

Want more information? Have a look at our FAQs, they are really interesting, promise.