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What are we doing?

The Hedkayse One is the first truly multi-impact cycle helmet of its kind. Designed and made in the UK from Hedkayse’s own Enkayse material, you can be confident the Hedkayse One will take the bumps of everyday life and still protect when needed most, ideal for the urban cyclist, commuter and bike-sharing user. The patented folding design allows the helmet to be compressed – perfect for the commuter cyclist with limited bag-space. Our patented quick-release chin-strap (QARC) ensures a speedy unclip. Available in 8 bold, musically inspired colours. We are not selling it yet, but click the link below if you want to discover more.

Hedkayse One

How close are we?

After 5 years, over a 1,000 materials tested, 3 complete re-toolings, 4 beta testing programmes we are now in the pre-production phase. We have passed the helmet testing standards in our final beta and we are now gearing up for production. We need 2 more tools to be completed before we can run the final manufacturing process.

Indiegogo backers

You guys are awesome, patient, lovely and the messages of support all get read by the team. You will be getting your helmets in July and August (sorry). Remember, as you have been waiting for ages, just email us at if you can't wait any longer, and we will sort something out. If you want to revisit the Indiegogo story then please read more.

When we will be open for business?

Late summer 2018. We are going to get the helmets to our patient backers. When we do open for business we will only be selling to Europe including the UK at first. We know we are going to get grumbled at for this from you guys living in the rest of the world but please bear with us!