Press Release - Hedkayse introduces world first in helmet technology

British start-up Hedkayse has developed the world’s first flexible, foldable helmet that passes safety standards after multiple impacts. Made from new material Enkayse, the helmet is flexible and incredibly tough. The helmet is flexible to fit the shape of your head for comfort and security. Durability of the helmet is unparalleled, shrugging off the knocks of everyday use that damage conventional helmets. Using quality British manufacture, Hedkayse One is understood to be the only cycle helmet made in the UK. 

Originally conceived as a smart way to carry a helmet for hire bike schemes and when on the move, three years of intensive research and development by the team led to the development of Enkayse, an entirely new material for bike helmets which is both flexible and tough. Financed by a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Headkayse One will go into production for availability mid 2017.

Co-founder, Tony Walker said: “The ethos of Hedkayse is quite simple: ‘Do it the right way!’ That includes sourcing top quality materials and production close to home.”

Technical Director, George Fox, said: “Hedkayse One is incredibly tough. Even after driving over it with my car, it still went on to pass the safety tests. Of course most riders won’t be doing that, but Hedkayse provides riders with peace of mind, knowing they can rely on it for protection after the knocks of everyday use that damage ordinary helmets.”

In answer to the original brief, the innovative flexible construction means you can simply fold the Hedkayse flat like a book, to less than 10cm thick. This makes Hedkayse the simplest compact folding helmet, and it’s very easy to slip into a bag when travelling. Riders are at the forefront of the design effort, and the helmet includes a host of user-friendly features. No pads are used in fitting the helmet, allowing for easy-adjustment for a good fit. Fitting adapts quickly to accommodate a hat for the cold or a headband in hot conditions.

Design Director Andrew Redman adds, “We studied the full range of head shapes not only to achieve a good fit for all, but to finesse styling. Using a flexible material means the helmet can sit much closer to your head and create a more flattering look on you.”
The team has chosen to manufacture the Hedkayse One in the UK. Developing the new material Enkayse also meant developing new production processes, which Hedkayse did by forming good relationships with suppliers close to home. With one supplier over 220 years old, Hedkayse is a new technology that draws on a long history of innovation and quality in British manufacturing.  

Hedkayse One is available in 8 different colours to pre-order now at

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Meet Hedkayse and the team:

Hedkayse aims to challenge the status quo and define a new product segment. We continuously strive to improve - exhaustively testing materials, exploring new opportunities and embracing new techniques and procedures. We are passionate about defining and producing a product that we can be proud of.
Headkayse was founded in 2013 with the intention of creating a soft foldable cycle helmet. Our journey to explore materials that provide expected performance was challenging, but the results are exciting. We have developed Enkayse, an entirely new and flexible material for cycle helmets that is capable of protecting against repeated impacts, both large and small.
Of course this is the beginning of the journey - the Headkayse team are saddled up to create the Hedkayse family of products to bring more innovative kit to your ride.

Tony Walker, Director and founder
Since first meeting Andy at University they always said they should work together. They are both overly enthusiastic and have a drive to succeed. It has taken over 20 years to realise that opportunity, and find something they are both passionate about. The path was less than obvious as Tony spent 10 years as a military pilot and over 10 years in investment banking. Neither of which led directly to the formation of Hedkayse, a brand utilising science to bring innovative solutions to problems (old or new).

Andy Creak, Director and founder
Andy spent years installing large IT systems – chances are, you have used a system he has installed. In the last 10 years Andy has been involved in a number of financial and investment companies. He and Tony sparked an idea that went through countless names, approaches and products to become Hedkayse - a creative team and an idea he is proud of. The team will be the first customers of the products they create – the Headkayse name goes on only if the team loves them. 

Andrew Redman, Design Director
Tony and Andy approached Andrew with their brilliant and simple idea. With years of experience running a product design consultancy helping inventors and businesses launch products, he probably should have known better! But he couldn’t help asking questions… Luckily he has tackled some fairly demanding projects, so he wasn’t too fazed by the idea of creating a revolutionary cycle helmet. Today, he is happy to be part of an entrepreneurial team, laser focused on good practical design innovation and turbocharged by a rare can-do enthusiasm. He can’t wait for the next ‘simple’ idea to tackle next.

George Fox, Technical Director
Working in posh fashion in France and Asia for 10 years was great fun, but George is into extreme sport and likes to make his own protective equipment to support his habit (and clumsiness when falling off things). In fact he is known in the world of cricket for body armour, winning awards for best protection on the market and kitting up over 250 professionals including 5 out of the top 10 players in the world. When interviewing for Hedkayse, George put a sample of his kit on his head and hit himself with a hammer - very hard - to show his skills. The job was his!