Bike Timeline Tony

Tony Walker

Director, Founder

Since first meeting Andy at University we have always said we should work together, we are both overly enthusiastic and have a drive to succeed - it has taken over 20 years to realise that opportunity, and find something we can both be passionate about.

The first concept was defined at a party, the seed was sown and our joint enthusiasm for cycling and use of the Boris bike scheme led to a eureka moment creating the team to bring these products to life - Hedkayse is born.

1973 Concord

The first, but inauspicious

1976 Carlton Continental

Not a Raleigh Arena, for those in the UK in the late 70's, and lightweight

1980 Elswick

Following the demise of the Carlton and 12 gears!

1990 Specialised Rock Hopper

My start on the MTB revolution

1992 Schwimm

Swapped for the Specialised - not sure why Glynn

1987 Raleigh Record Ace

Inherited, lovely and used on Ride 100

2009 Jamis Quest

Continuing the steel theme but lighter and smaller

2010 Boris Bike scheme - aka London

The most used, but now includes Ofo and Mobike and Velib in Paris, Divvy in Chicago, Citi Bikes in NY and Citybikes in Liverpool - made for Hedkayse.......