The 5 Scary Truths About Your Bike Helmet!

The 5 Scary Truths About Your Bike Helmet!

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The 5 scary truths about your bike helmet!


EPS is Great, but there are some pitfalls.  Here are 5 Truths!


1)    EPS (polystyrene) is great -  great for one hit.  That’s it, one crash and it’s done.  EPS is really good at “sacrificial damage” - it breaks so you don’t. After that one crash, there may not be any visible damage, but it should still be replaced.

Crashed EPS Helmet Damage

The damage that may not be visable.

We took a brand new helmet and jumped on it. It looked perfect; no visible damage and no clue what possible damage was disguised inside.  When we took this helmet to be tested it was quite a dramatic fail on the Safety Test and wouldn’t have given you the possible life-saving protection a helmet should offer.

Hedkayse, with its Enkayse liner, is proven to withstand the heaviest of impacts and still keep performing time and time again. Enkayse will keep you safe as if you’ve got a brand new helmet on no matter how many times you fall off.

2)     A dropped helmet, even from off a table to the floor, is going to lose some of its ability to protect you.  Consider a helmet that you’ve had a couple of years, how many times have you dropped it, bumped it, knocked it on something.  Again, the damage is probably not visible, but the accumulation of bumps and knocks can render you EPS helmet as no better than a woolly hat.


"That's gotta hurt."

The big hits and the small, Enkayse take them in its stride.  Also, smaller impacts (still wearing a helmet through a doorway, low hanging branch) are absorbed into the helmet rather than transferred to your head with EPS.

3)     You should replace your EPS helmet every 5 years.  While this is a guideline, it makes a lot of sense.  EPS will degrade over time. As in situations above, EPS becomes less effective and also in that time head protection technology moves forward.    Also, anything on your head or hair can degrade the EPS. Some shampoos have been shown to reduce the performance of EPS, as well as sunscreens, hair regrowth formulas, hairsprays, plus also through exposure to oil & grease (from your chain to your hands if you have a chain problem on a ride). And don’t leave your helmet anywhere near petrol or petrol fumes - so take your helmet out of the lawnmower shed.


Oh, yucky!

We have tested Hedkayse One more vigorously than required.  The helmet will keep you safe and won’t degrade as EPS will.  In fact, the helmet will get more comfortable over time as the “memory foam” Enkayse layer forms to your head, while not losing any performance.  The inside layer is also damp cloth, wipe clean friendly and won’t allow anything through from the above list that could damage the helmet.

4)    Head sweat, dirt, puddle splash, and hard work doesn’t make for a nice place to put your hands, let alone your head.  An EPS helmet loves all that stuff and will absorb some of it to pass it on next time you. Mmmmm, delicious.

Dirty Helmet Man
No, you need a shower!

As above, a wipe clean antibacterial layer will keep your helmet from becoming stinky, or old brown and gross!

5)     Counterfeit or Fake branded helmets - Probably the scariest of all the above “truths.”  You believe you’ve bought a genuine helmet but on the cheap and in some cases, it’s actually safer to wear a cracked genuine helmet than a brand new counterfeit.  There have been impact tests performed on counterfeits and forces registered have gone off the scale to the point where the machine has required repair.

Which CE (European Standards Logo) one is real?



Fake is on the right (close together) - Real on the left (greater distance apart).

It matters.


You can only buy a Hedkayse helmet from our internet store or from a store listed on our web page.  No other vendors.

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