The Next Generation of the world's toughest cycle helmet is here!


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Carbon Fibre Components Exclusive to the Stealth in the Original range

Inconspicuous reflective detailing to keep you safe by being seen on the road

The Hedkayse|One wears the scars of adventure. Truly multi-impact, specifically designed for your real life adventures.  

These helmets are built to last. Their versatile design offers something for every rider - whether you are touring, commuting or riding for leisure. 

Body activated Enkayse liner moulds to your head. Fully adjustable one size fits all. A completely unique experience. 

Scannable twICEme chip provides access to important medical data helping first responders take correct action faster.

The safest and toughest cycle helmet.

*design may be subject to slight detail changes before shipment. Visual provided is a prototype