FAQs - Rugby

Who are Hedkayse?

Hedkayse was started in 2015 with crowdfunding to build the safest cycling helmet that you could put in your bag. Since then, Tony, Andy and their friends have invested over £2m in the material research to develop Enkayse into this unique foam, which is very tough at both ambient and, far more importantly, body temperature to mitigate impacts to the head and body.

How did you design it?

A heady mix of engineers, designers, scientists, doctors, players and experts! 

Is the Headguard approved by World Rugby?

We provide more protection than allowed and we are working with World Rugby to be part of the trial 

Are we allowed to wear it in games?

This product provides unrivalled protection to the head for training and games but we would always want the coaches and refs to agree this

Are there different sizes?

Yes 3 sizes = S Youth/M Youth/L Youth

Why is body temperature important?

They are worn on the head and will always be at body temperature, so they need to work at body temperature. All other options available reduce their efficacy at body temperature (the foam / plastic goes squishy and doesn’t give the same protection) 

Is it really better than anything else?

Yes - independent testing shows that Hedkayse Headguard is 3x better at protecting the head than ANYTHING else available we have a unique product which provides unrivalled levels of protection. 

How long will it last?

Unless you need a new one because you grow, this has been tested to provide 3 years of protection (168 hits according to WR standard) 

Can it be washed?

Yes - this is machine washable - also it has anti bac properties making it a very hygienic option. 

Does it come in different colours?

Yes - Club/School purchases of 15+ units can be made in choice of design / colours for a small charge. 

Will this prevent concussion?

Hedkayse is part of the answer. Whilst it isn't possible to promise no concussions, our unrivalled protection will mitigate against concussions and brain injuries better than ANY other head protection available. Education into concussion signs, symptoms and treatment, along with training on tackle technique are also part of the answer

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