Enkayse is the result of extensive research, testing and development. A proprietary material developed and owned between Hedkayse and their scientific partner company.
Head injury is serious, so are we.

A cycle helmets performance is measured through it’s ability to dramatically reduce the transfer of impact energy to the head and brain in the event of an accident. This is set through specifically engineered testing standards. All cycle helmets must conform to these standards legally (In Europe this test is called EN-1078). However, the test does not allow for the risk of daily use and smaller impacts. To avoid this, cycle helmet manufacturers state you have to replace your helmet even after the smallest of knocks.

 With Hedkayse, you don’t .
Unlike EPS Enkayse is designed to manage the energy of impacts whilst retaining its integrity. Enkayse dissipates energy rather than deforming on impact, it also cushions small bumps. Protection from small knocks and bumps may also have long-term benefits as researchers believe the cumulative effect of small knocks contributes to brain disease over time.

Enkayse shrugs off the bumps, knocks and everyday abuse, so you can be sure that Hedkayse | ONE will provide continuous protection.

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