Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa; I’m passionate about Southern Africa’s vibrant vibe; captivated by its beauty, rich cultural heritage and its fun-loving people. I created Zulucow out of a desire, to try and help create sustainable employment opportunities and skills development in rural communities where poverty is rife, unemployment well over 50%; but where creativity abounds and the quirky African beat lives on.

I’d been very fortunate to have enjoyed an exciting career as a TV producer for BBC Sport in London; covering European football championships; Cricket and Rugby World Cups; The Grand National, The Derby as well as working at the ‘Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships’ every year; interviewing great players such as Agassi, The Williams sisters, Steffi Graf and gorgeous Goran Ivanisevic! I pursued my other passion; horses and horse-racing; working as a freelance camerawoman/producer for ‘Racing Post TV.’

But those were my young, free and single days! With a young family, living on Exmoor with my husband’s work (an equine veterinarian) I knew I had to find something to keep me sane! I had always wanted to start my own business. But what?!

The idea of Zulucow came from a family trip home to South Africa. I was struck by the distinctive indigenous Nguni cowhides I noticed for sale on the side of the road. Excitedly, I bought an Nguni cowhide rug, bag and belt home. They repeatedly attracted admiring glances and compliments back in the UK. And so it began….