KANDESENT. Born from the desire to produce a women’s cycle collection that wasn’t an add on to men’s line – but rather a true range designed for women by women.

KANDESENT came about after two industry veterans and avid cyclists (Michelle and Donna), wanted to create a women’s specific cycling collection, due to frustration at the lack of options in the market place.

Michelle has over 15 years of marketing and branding experience with some of the biggest global fashion and sports brands. Michelle headed up the global marketing team responsible for the re-launch of Hunter Boots in 2012 . Prior to that Michelle worked in PR and marketing for Nike and Quiksilver, helping to launch major brand initiatives including Nike ID and spearheading Quiksilver’s growth in the UK market, transitioning the brand away from pure action sports.

As for our design, Donna has also worked for some of the biggest names in sportswear and action sports. Most recently responsible for leading the team and developing the apparel range for Faction Ski through the startups growth process. Donna has also designed and developed collections for the North Face, Cloudveil, Perfect Moment and Stio. With 15+ years working in USA, Europe and sourcing worldwide, Donna knows her way around the design and production needs for sports brands.

KANDESENT draws on our experience, it is largely inspired by city based crit circuit cycling, from our time spent powering up (then down) mountain passes and even casual days out with friends, we have combined all this with classic road racing styling brought up to date with modern silhouettes and designs. As a brand we are focused on creating products that fuse high tech performance with style and sustainability, which is why we are so proud to design and produce all our products within Europe.