About Us

Our Mission

We believe that our heads are worth protecting and have made it our mission to provide the safest head protection possible for cyclists. We want to be the drivers of head protection innovation and believe that by introducing our Enkayse™ liner material we have changed the face of cycle helmet technology forever.


The Journey

Hedkayse was all started when our founders, Tony Walker and Andy Creak, were working in London and got fed up of cycling without a helmet between client meetings. It was proving challenging, when working with big companies in big offices, to bring a cycling helmet to meetings at time when this was
neither trendy nor respected. It was even worse when starting up
fintech companies with a cycle helmet in the corner!

Not Cool.

The dream was for a helmet that fits in your bag. Not that easy, you can make a helmet that collapses but the bit that keeps you safe is REALLY delicate. And cycle helmets get loads of everyday wear if you commute in them. Definitely not good if you bash them, which is why cycle helmet manufactures recommend you replace your helmet every 12 months. And just about all of the brands make thier helmets in the same place in China. 

This meant Hedkayse needed to reimagine the material that keeps you safe. Not that easy as you need to protect when it is cold and very hot and most materials turn to a brick or jelly at temperature extremes. 

So after thousands of tests and hundreds of different formulations we discovered the answer which protects you again and again, whether it is hot, cold or wet.

And we called this material Enkayse™️

Hedkayse helmets are made out of Enkayse™️ and will protect you again and again. They pass the safety standards for UK and Europe (just a matter of time for the US and Japan). They are covered in ballistic nylon that is tough but also can be printed in whatever design you want. Or we can use leather, hide or carbon fibre (coming soon) available in our Hedkayse | PREMIUM range.


The future

We've created a fresh look at impact protection and demonstrated that the traditional approach is sub-optimal, this means that potentially all impact protection equipment has scope for future disruption. Of course we can't and won't do everything but we do anticipate that we will see Enkayse™ as a licensed material for other manufacturers to use in other protection equipment where durability is an asset.

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