The Beryl Bike Hire - London

Posted by Tony Walker on

First Beryl Bike journey - Hedkayse and Beryl.
Very simple set-up for the use of the bike, all worked first time. Great to use with HK One.
Not only are the bikes much better to ride than the "Boris" Bike, Mobike, Ofo etc that we have reported on before, but the method of release is easier, no photos, codes etc; long term an NFC enabled process (at the moment a bike-code).
The bikes gearing is better than other bikes and seems much smoother and quicker than the competition.
As with many new schemes for the dockless bikes there is a geo-fence approach and that is currently "The City" area of London as I was travelling from Moorgate to the West-end a swap to a "Boris" bike was required on Fleet Street.
Parking was simple in one of the dockless bays or bike racks and no charge was applied; also the cost of £0.05/minute was reduced by buying a 100 minute bundle for £5.
Will be using the bikes more, more feedback to follow and hope to see the wider area enabled over time.

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