Why was the home straight so long?


Before Christmas, we received confirmation our helmets pass all required details needed to proceed with the official production run. Our last production tools arrive at the end of Jan. After that we need approximately 4 weeks of finalising the quality gates we need to make the helmet, achieve the final accreditation and we can then start shipping.

So our plan is for this to happen in March.

Why was the home straight so long?

Since crowdfunding successfully completed, we’ve been geared on bringing Headkayse into reality. Yet throughout this time our estimated delivery dates kept moving back.

The design to CAD to tooling to prototype to testing cycle is about 3 months. If we find an issue and we need to change the tools, we start again. For 3 years we have been constantly cycling through this process whilst addressing all the issues of making a robust helmet that fits in your bag that works at -20 and +50C.

The end product has evolved, much more serious than it’s early predecessor. We are confident the Headkayse One will rightly host the position of the “Tank” of the cycle helmet industry!

Once again thank you so much for your patience and support!

With very best regards,

The team at Headkayse


  • Claes Rudi
    I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Tim Ngyou

    I say, “All good things come to those who wait!”

  • Loraine

    Good luck and hope you get there this time. Producing a new product in the safety market isn’t straightforward and the most important thing is that it works. I knew there were risks in crowdfunding so I’ll be happy to get my helmet even if it is a lot later than expected.

  • Kevin Osborne

    Like all things in life good things come to those who wait. Since first meeting you at the bike show a year ago the passion you showed and the belief in your work was obvious not to mention a quality product in the making. I have been cycling for 50 + years and some so called tech innovations are merely cosmetic whereas this is an area that needs genuine products like yours ,i wish you a trouble free run to the finish line and look forward to wearing my helmet and not just covering my head with a piece of mass produced ,overpriced polystyrene helmet shaped object.

  • Stefan

    Go on guys, better later than never and, after already having had two bicycle accidents, I can say better a good helmet coming late than a early one half ready…
    Keep on! I’m so curious!

  • Alex

    What an experience must have been for you guys, after all when you are going to revolutionise an entire industry you would expect some bumps on the way to the final products, well done team for keep persevering :)

  • Neil Rousell

    Nice one guys…looking forward to seeing the result of your hard work….

  • peter Brister

    Good luck with production and distribution. If it’s worth having it’s well worth waiting for ?

  • Larry Varney

    I had almost given up hope of seeing this helmet – now it looks like I will be wearing one, by Spring! Really looking forward to it!

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