Welcome to the production version of the Hedkayse One.


Technically, this is version “4.1”, 4 complete manufacturing re-designs with many, many iterations within.

  • Over 25 different specs of helmet
  • Over 10,000 in house drop tests gathering huge clusters of data
  • 3 official European EN-1078 tests
  • Many sleepless nights
  • All conducted in order to produce a fully legal and roadworthy version of Hedkayse. A painful but rewarding journey in realising a world first. 

Why so long and complicated? well we’ve covered most of this in previous updates, so let’s move on to the future stuff!

Revving up to production, we now have some new images of how this looks, as well as some key points:

  • it still goes small and in your bag
  • it is really really tough
  • it fits just about any adult head size
  • it is still in 8 great colours
  • and we love it

Below this post there is a comments box where we can keep everything in one place. We would like to invite you to feedback on initial thoughts on the product.

Finally, if anybody wants to buy another one for the same price paid on Indiegogo we will open this up (thanks for all the questions on that) once everyone has a helmet.

Again, thank you so much for your continual support!

With very best regards,

The team at Hedkayse


  • George at Hedkayse

    Hedkaysers and especially Sibo!

    Thank you for the excellent question on the 9th March.

    Regarding abrasion resistance, the outer shell, although elastic, has a very high shore density and matted finish, meaning low friction so it won’t grip to concrete and similar items. Regarding temperature, yes you are absolutely right, plastics and many similar materials can easily become brittle in extreme cold, we have engineered the outer TAF shell to maintain flex but without risk of shattering or breaking in the cold. It took a lot of development and testing but we’re very happy with the end result, we hope you will be too!

    Thank you again and keep in touch, production starts next month and will take 2-3 months to ship the balance of helmets out, we’re working day and night to complete this stage and get you all your lovely helmets!

    Very best regards,

  • Joshua

    All good things are worth waiting for… I hope for my Headkayse to protect me through this summer

  • Sibo

    Dear Hedkayse team, I’m excited for your final product to be produced! I was wondering if you could comment on the abrasion resistance of the outer shell and on the effect, if any, of cold weather on the enkayse foam. (In particular, I’m interested in using my headkayse helmet for skiing, in which falling into the snow is a fairly common occurrence for me) Most plastics become more brittle at colder temperatures, so what temperature range have you tested the helmet through? Thank you!

  • George at Hedkayse

    Hello everyone, thank you for your questions on Shopify comments and our apologies if we haven’t got back yet!

    Regarding shipping, we are starting official production (finally!) in April, it will then take 2-3 months to clear through all the Indiegogo orders.

    We are working around the clock to start asap, there will also be an update soon looking into this as well as more detail about the helmet.

    Again, thank you for your time and patience, speak soon!

    With very best regards,

  • George at Hedkayse

    Thank you Robert Sand, in answer to your question about child’s helmets, the Hedkayse One literally fits any head size, it’s enormously versatile. However, with children (usually pre 10-12 years old) in the UK and with many other standards, there is a seperate legal requirement due to the buckles and clips being too strong. An official child’s helmet’s buckle / clip should break with any stress over 10kg. The reason for this is there is a risk of strangulation when children wear helmets if they are playing on trees, climbing frames etc. An accident happened in the past and since then, the 10kg law was passed.

    It’s a difficult one as legally we have to state no-one under 10 should wear this helmet, there are many helmets already in shops for kids which have not conformed to this standard already, and what someone decides to do with this helmet after purchasing is their responsibility.

    So we plan to make a child friendly helmet very soon, the Hedkayse One is quite a fiddle to adjust so kids would quickly get bored! Our intention is to make a “go play” helmet that just “pops” onto their heads and off they go! So watch this space.

    Hope this has shone some light onto the question, please shout if you have any other thoughts!

    Very best regards,

  • Stefan Wimmer

    Can’t wait to get mine – and to buy a second one of course…
    Look very good so far, from far. I am interested in more detailed photos too.

    Summer may come now!!

    Go on guys, good job!!!

  • buddy

    looking good headkayae! is the adult size fit head up to 58 can or can it fit one over that? looking at ordering another one for my wife in a different color from mine(yellow (

  • Ian Jackson

    Really looking forward to getting this helmet. Great to be able to fold it and put it into a bag when shopping, and also the quick adjustability – wearing a windproof skullcap underneath and then removing it when I’m hot. If the grandchildren like it and the price is right I’ll buy more!

  • Ulf

    Shipping when?

  • JL

    I like the pictures – makes it very clear it fits everyone! Interesting how the foam looks thin on the bigger heads and thicker on the smaller heads.

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