Kate vs EPS vs Hedkayse Helmet - The Jump Test

by Iain O'Brien December 05, 2018

Kate Thomas, our newest employee, gets busy stomping on Helmets.

See what happens when Kate jumps on an EPS helmet vs a Hedkayse Helmet. What secrets are hidden inside a helmet?

Is it still safe to wear after a bump, drop, someone jumping on it?





The EPS helmet showed absolutely no signs of damage after Kate's meaningful double foot landing - But will it be safe to wear (of course it won't, but do watch!)


The Hedkayse Helmet absorbed the energy and the landing was softer - even after Kate's Tripple Jumps! - But will it be safe to wear (of course it will be!)


Kate's response to the Results:



I don't do falling over..it hurts right? so following my reluctance to jump and then my disappointment that there was no visible damage to the helmet I was intrigued/excited to find out what the results of the drop rig tests were. 

The result was both the best and the worst outcome for me. Obviously, as a Hedkayse employee I want the HKOne to be the best it can be, but as a parent and a previous owner of a regular helmet ( at least 10 years old! ), I didn't want to hear that invisible damage still rendered the helmet below EU safety standards. Yet another 'Wow' moment on my Hedkayse journey and even more reason to spread the word of Hedkayse!

Iain O'Brien
Iain O'Brien


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