Helmet Falls - Why we Threw a Helmet off a Cliff

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Helmet Falls - Why we Threw a Helmet off a Cliff


Have you ever?

Have you ever played the game, “have you ever?”

Well, here’s how it goes. It’s a student game. A very typical student drinking game.

Have you ever taken a sweet from the pick and mix and eaten it without paying?” If you have, have a drink. If no one has done it, the person that proposed the question drinks.

It’s not that hard to understand.

So, “have you ever thrown a bike helmet of a 30m cliff?”


Just us?

Ok, I’ll drink.


Why did we throw a helmet off a cliff? It was to prove something. It was all in the name of research. It was for science!  Satellites. Gravity. Acceleration. Wind resistance. Impacts. Force over time. Professor Brian Cox, eat your heart out.

 Brian Cox


You see, we are Hedkayse. We make the toughest and safest cycle helmets on the market.

Yes, that’s a bold statement and we’re happy backing it up.

When I first started with Hedkayse I was looking for a crazy way to prove the above point.  I wanted to create a ‘stunt’ that would be bold, quirky, and create curiosity in our product to really show what our helmet could withstand, how rough you could treat it in-between uses, and still be safe ride with.

First I had to come up with something that would be a good test of toughness.  Not just a good test, a stupidly good test. What are helmets designed to do? What do we do to our helmets that we shouldn’t? How can I crank it up to well past 10 on the scale?

I went looking, searching, for the perfect venue.  I scoured continents, countries, states/counties/provinces. I searched every mountain range, hill, valley, river, lake, and stream. No city, town, village, or hamlet was left unchecked until I found the perfect venue for what I had planned.

In Canada, British Columba, and about 200km West of Calgary is the Kootenay National Park.  Here is, wait for it, Helmet Mountain and on Helmet Mountain is Helmet Falls.

Hey, guys, let’s set a Guinness World Record – the longest drop/fall a helmet can survive and still be safe to wear pass the Safety Standards tests. Let’s throw a Hedkayse ONE helmet off Helmet Falls, on Helmet Mountain and then test it to see if it’s still safe and correct to wear!”

Guinness World Records


A call to Guinness World Record’s followed soon after.  Of course, there is no current record for a helmet surviving such abuse and still being safe to wear. It’s not been done before. There’s never been a helmet like the Hedkayse ONE.  Which then meant, that we would be World Record holding when we did it, no matter what (we’ll get the Guinness’ bit in front of World Record as soon as we can)!

While we get our visas and tramping boots sorted, while we work out with Guinness World Records how this would work, George and I thought we’d head out somewhere a little more local.  We’d explore some of the UK’s great outdoors. Not far from me in Nth Derbyshire is High Tor. Famous for its sheer cliff face that climbers love and the lovely views out over the Derbyshire countryside.

Iain and George

Sure it’s not Helmet Mountain, and Guinness’ won’t recognise it just yet, but it’ll do for now.

Armed with water balloons (we’d throw these off first (we picked up all the bits!) so we knew where the helmets would land, and where we should set our cameras up), frozen peas (weight in the helmet so the wind didn’t blow them off course, too much), and some sticky tape.

As a control, we threw off a brand new, fresh out of the box, regular polystyrene (EPS) helmet.  We then threw off a brand new Hedkayse ONE helmet. And because we really do want to put our helmets to the test, and really put them through the wringer to back up our bold claims, we threw off an older Hedkayse ONE that had already been abused through multiple impact tests and been driven over by a car. Twice.

This one:

Guess what happened?

Watch the video to find out. But, shhhhhsh, I’ll let you in on a secret we’re shouting from the cliff tops, both our Hedkayse ONE’s passed the test.

We’re happy to put our helmet to the test.  We’re happy going head to head with any other helmet out there.  We will happily disrupt the helmet market and industry. Our helmet, with Enkayse, is a game changer - perfect for the commuter, the urban rider, the mountain hopper and anyone else that just wants to have a helmet that will keep them safe getting there, and safe on the way home.

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  • Wish you would send one OVER my way, instead of over cliffs. Been waiting a long long long time for one to drop my way.

    Debbie Lepper on

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