Happy New Year Headkaysers!

by George Fox January 02, 2018

2018 will be the year we launch the world’s first cycle helmet that adjusts through the full adult size range, adapts to your head shape and genuinely withstands multiple impacts without loss of performance. These are new claims in the world of cycle safety.

In 2017 we overcame some serious production and certification challenges in developing the process from making high quality pre-production prototypes to a mass-manufacturable product, without compromising the quality or safety.

We had to adapt many detailed aspects of the design as we developed the new production techniques, each change requiring us to conduct exhaustive additional testing. This was all done in close collaboration with the testing and certification experts - who’ve also had to learn how to evaluate such a radically different design - to ensure and optimise the safety of your future helmets. These extra iterations all took way more time out of 2017 than we predicted, but we take this safety aspect extremely seriously (we know you know this!).

We’ll share more with you later, but wrapping up the year, we are delighted to say that the production design is passing all the regulations and most importantly tooling for production is underway.

Production will be starting in Q1 2018, you are top of the pile for helmets and in January we will confirm when in Q1 you will get your helmets.

Moving into this phase, this is also our last post from Indiegogo with new updates posted here https://headkayse.com/blogs/news and emails sent from info@headkayse.com. Please let us know if you no longer want to receive emails from us.

Thank you again everyone, we value you and your amazing ongoing support enormously.

Very best regards and Happy New Year!


The team at Headkayse

George Fox
George Fox


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