Cycling Cities?

by Iain O'Brien July 31, 2018

Saw this:

Having just spent a couple of days (well one night and one day) on the streets of Cambridge, bike in one hand and a camera in the other, I don’t think I’ve come across a more cycle-friendly city.

I was there with a photographer to take some City/Urban based photos for our new look website (to be launched very soon, so keep checking back) and for our advertising material.

I had a great time. The goal was to get night photos from 11 pm until 4 am on a random Tuesday night and then start again at midday the following day for some sunshine scenes. Cambridge delivered.  It is quite a city of love at 3 am as folk were walking home! 

Sadly though, while we were out we saw the remains of two bike thefts; one cut-through D-lock and one cut-through bound-wire cable.  Sad that a couple of people have lost their pride and joys.  There is a need for bike lockup cage facilities as I've seen outside the Chelmsford train station. One more layer for bike security.

Cycling around the crazy car one-way systems that actually allowed you to cycle in both directions made it a dream to navigate. Drivers are cycle friendly, as was everyone.  It shows that integration really can work. It takes time, but it works.

There will be a considerable argument from those sitting in London traffic jams, but, I think, in time, more cycle lanes will take cars off roads and make everyone’s journeys easier, faster and safer.

Uncle Franks fried chicken and chips weren’t that bad at 3 am to keep us full of energy!



By: Iain@Hedkayse

Photo Credit: Tom Alfuth

Iain O'Brien
Iain O'Brien


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