Crash Test Dummy - Iain O'Brien, me (our Business Development Manager)

by Iain O'Brien August 14, 2018



So, for our brand new, exciting looking website, we have all been out getting new images to freshen up and spruce up our how we look, as we get closer and closer to getting the Indiegogo orders out and opening up the web store to all.

We've had a few friends and colleagues appear in the photos. Here I am, on a brand new Lapierre e-MTB (awesome, by the way!), trying to get a hop off a small stone and making it look like I'm landing a 50ft drop. (Feel free to point and poke fun at me. It's ok, I can handle it.)

We're serious about making and keeping you as safe as possible while out cycling. So committed, we use ourselves as crash test dummies - we'll I do! So far I'm the only one that's fallen off and banged my head.

Again, I'll reiterate, Hedkayse One is a genuine multi-impact helmet. If this was a regular polystyrene (EPS) helmet, I'd need to replace it with a brand new lid for my next ride.


For the rest of this ride, the rest of this journey, I would have been wearing a compromised, almost definitely unsafe, helmet. EPS sacrifices itself to keep you safe, once. What could have happened if I'd fallen off again with a damaged EPS helmet? And I'm that kind of guy that likes to keep pushing my own boundaries.

Not so with the Hedkayse One, I was safe to keep going as hard as I wanted to with the knowledge my head was as protected after this crash as I was at the start of my ride.

Encase, the material inside the Hedkayse One will take knock after knock, fall after fall, crash after crash, and keep you as safe as if it was the first hit you'd had in the helmet.

Something to consider!



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Iain O'Brien
Iain O'Brien


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