Bike sharing update - Mobike, have they read our Blog

by Tony Walker April 27, 2018

Maybe mobike have been reading our Blog

Mobike have updated their app, Mobike have updated their bike.

Not only has the refresh of the bike positions around the Pin improved but also the Closest bike concept has been introduced which is great. Changes are all positive around the user experience and finding a bike to use. We think the white versus orange markers is differentiating the bikes (we'll confirm shortly) - yes they have more than one type now.....


Mobike have introduced a bigger bike - I like it, although still only a single speed. One thing I wasn't prepared for was the basket is in a fixed position and the handlebars turn independently of it. So still the slightly manic cycling, but it's not like riding a BMX and in fact I took my time today and enjoyed the ride.

The Chris Yellow clashes a bit, maybe I should have taken the yellow bike behind...

Tony Walker
Tony Walker


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