The Science of Cycle Helmet Safety

by Andrew Redman February 04, 2016

You may have seen various stories about Headkayse in the press recently (like this one). While these are getting the idea across, they're not explaining how Headkayse reduces concussion risks and why we've done this.

If you're interested in really understanding how helmets work and whether and EPS helmet is any good - then you're in luck. Andrew has written an illuminating article which gives you the lowdown on helmet physics, how the standards work and how we can change things for the better. Enjoy the read!:

Download article on the Science of Cycle Helmet Safety and Concussion protection

If the link above is not working, alternatively DOWNLOAD ARTICLE HERE

Of course any questions about how Headkayse works - please get in touch.

Andrew Redman
Andrew Redman


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