How did it get dark so quick?

by George Fox August 24, 2015

Warm evening and time for a quick spin, unfortunately I was completely underprepared for 8:30pm lights out!

With the assistance of a particularly ominous cloud the evening came to a sudden close whilst a few miles from home. I haven’t even thought about lights over the last few months of bright evenings and this was quite the shocker!

A gentle reminder by nature that our summer is progressing towards September, of course lucky to get daylight this time in the evening compared to many parts of the world.

Absent-minded individuals as well as genuinely caught out unfortunates could do with an invention here. How about a posh bike version of those solar garden lights that activate as soon as it gets dusky?

Might have to invest a bit more into the illumination as some of them don’t let off more than the average car glove box light, but food for thought!

George Fox
George Fox


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