My other bike’s carbon, honestly…

by George Fox August 07, 2015

Robert is a good friend, he lives in Rugby working as a high powered software engineer. I have known him for quite a long time now and his passion, sorry OCD obsession for work is perfectly reflected on his favourite pastime, cycling.


4 years ago he built his carbon bike from scratch and it was genuinely a work of art. A level of detail invested where he calculated forces according to his leg length, thus the ideal weight of components etc. This thing looked like it had been crafted by 5th generation Swiss engineers! The perfect synergy of man and machine!


It is hard to express what level of love and attention to detail was paid in this creation, fellow cyclists may wish to take a moment now to reflect on their personal approval on such an approach! Even bespoke hi-vis graphics were plotted on vinyl, this thing would make the MTV pimp my ride show if it had a TV on the back seat!


For one year he lived on this bike, even holidays planned around cycling in Brittany. Everything in this relationship seemed ideal. Then 9 months later…


For the last 3 years Robert has now been mastering the perfect synergy between man and child, there is time for a pedal, but he feels guilty and doesn’t approach with the same enthusiasm as before. Until recently the suggestion was made that now his bundle of joy could go with him,,, in a safety seat,,, on a more sensible bike,,, and he should also take the dog at the same time,,, who doesn’t have road sense so you need to stay to paths.


“Darling this is perfect, now you can do your cycling just like before!” Devastated!


Now Robert is a true gentleman, so he has purchased a sensible, aluminium, wide wheeled, child seated, super safe bike, even with a little bell provided by wifey for safety!


Meanwhile the machine is hung in the garage untouched and looking as heartbroken as Robert.


This is a call to all Roberts! Get your bike out and reclaim your independence!!!!


Just make sure you’re back in time to help with the kids )

George Fox
George Fox


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