The camaraderie of cyclists makes me smile !

by George Fox July 17, 2015

Out comes the bike, not much time but I really want to go for a spin, it’s a beautiful evening, so much to do but just 1 hour would be marvellous!


20 minutes in and “Boom” or more like “Pftt” I’ve got a puncture, and in the follies of getting away have completely forgotten everything, to be honest I’m surprised I remembered to wear shoes.


This presents a slight smell on the hour’s getaway, it’s still good to be out, but this really isn’t a road for walking on. So with my enthusiasm slightly bruised I start the long return home.


Within 5 minutes, literally not even that (ok it was lucky!) A group of cyclists all whizz past and come to a grinding halt. “Alright mate what seems to be the problem” And then the other way two cyclists stop as well, probably just to see what’s going on !

“If I’d have known there would be a crowd I would have at least lost a leg or something!” was the only comment I could think of!

“Where have you come from”

“What’s that bike like”

“Any good routes...”

“We always go out on a Thursday…”

I had barely look around and someone was whipping out an inner tube and hand pump, even F1 pit lanes would have trouble competing with this lot!


What could have been just another thing to look at and think “rather him than me” turned into opportunity to not only help someone out, but have a good natter as well. There’s something really special in the mentality of enthusiasts sharing a common ground, you could come from literally anywhere, anywhere at all, and it really wouldn’t matter, we’re all after the same thing.


I will always keep 2 tubes on me all the time now, one for me, one for you ;)

George Fox
George Fox


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