Welcome to Beta

Dear everyone, you may have been wondering what we’ve been up to. Well, I can now say (a few) words!


We are proud to say Headkayse is releasing a cycle helmet, it’s shaped differently, it folds flat because it’s soft, it’s not made out of EPS, it has a new style of fixing which is very comfy, and it withstands multiple impacts. Oh yes and it’s very clever as it fits nearly every adult head size from 55-63cm inclusive.


We are at our pre-production stage, the technology is secure and they’re out there ! 25 altogether.


Between Bristol to London if you spot one and want to find out more send us a pic of your Beta spot or just shout “Oi Headkayse!!” that should get their attention.


Our Beta testers are very nice people as well so don’t be worried about shouting!


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