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by George Fox July 17, 2015

Dear everyone, you may have been wondering what we’ve been up to. Well, I can now say (a few) words!


We are proud to say Headkayse is releasing a cycle helmet, it’s shaped differently, it folds flat because it’s soft, it’s not made out of EPS, it has a new style of fixing which is very comfy, and it withstands multiple impacts. Oh yes and it’s very clever as it fits nearly every adult head size from 55-63cm inclusive.


We are at our pre-production stage, the technology is secure and they’re out there ! 25 altogether.


Between Bristol to London if you spot one and want to find out more send us a pic of your Beta spot or just shout “Oi Headkayse!!” that should get their attention.


Our Beta testers are very nice people as well so don’t be worried about shouting!

George Fox
George Fox


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