Music Cycles

by George Fox June 10, 2015

Last weekend must have been the most pleasant weather so far this year, warm breezes with a light blue sky. Most certainly opportune cycling weather.

Meeting up with a friend, we were ready for the off, when I noticed one (Very trendy!) earphone/ socket/ plug/ pod,, whatever they're called these days, blasting out some extremely violent heavy metal.

"It gives me a rush so I cycle faster!" 

Fair enough, but it's sunny and & was hoping for a casual, view admiring tour & not "Le Tour"!

Wonderfully, cycling seems to be one of the rare activities where the choice of music presented may vary upon intent of experience. You can imagine Vivaldi behind you on your country lane return from the bakers with breakfast in a basket, or something waay more Chilli Peppered whilst attempting downhill.

The same doesn't really work with most other sports, I can play basketball to a bit of De La Soul, but Stephane Grapelli would probably struggle to fit!

How lucky we are, a sport allowing multitudes of experience enhancing audio almost no matter the taste !

Just make sure it doesn't affect your attention to everything else please !!! Maybe just put one in !

George Fox
George Fox


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