Saddle Sore? Does it have to be this way?

by George Fox April 30, 2015

It blooming hurts, a commute to work approx 16 miles now that the mornings are lighter and weathers a bit more friendly.

Get to work, can't really sit down, where are the frozen peas ?!

The journey home is even worse as the, ahem "area" is already a bit battered! Just about the most painful experience we really shouldn't have to put ourselves through !!

Here's my thought, seats are very slim for obvious reasons and benefits, then we complain about being a bit "under" battle hardened as its the start of the season. We buy a seat "implant" which supposedly wobbles us into more comfort but makes you feel like riding a blancmange oooer' miss indeed !

Cant someone make a seat that stays thin but doesn't rely on just adding silly amounts of padding to make us tenderloined enthusiasts more comfy ? 


Hang on chaps I've got an idea !! Watch this space !!

George Fox
George Fox


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