Volvo Making Cycling Safer

by Andrew Redman March 23, 2015

Oh how things change. 50 Years ago, the height of future sci-fi tech would have been an invisibility cloak. And the breaking news today is... visibility spray!

Volvo, a brand strongly associated with motoring safety, has turned their sights outside the safety of their vehicle occupants, to the people that might be hit by their vehicles - cyclists.

In this interesting new video, they make a pretty good job of empathising with the experience of cyclists on Britains's city streets. And then they come up with a typically engineered Volvo solution... a spray can (wait, what?!).

Yes, the Volvo engineers pitted their might of 100 years experience designing super safe transport structures and decided that the solution for cyclists would be to spray everything with illuminescent paint. Genius.

Whilst this might seem like a bit of a cop out, in fact it does get to the heart of the problem - avoiding being hit is the best protection. And anyway, those crazy safe Swedes, they're such party animals, they've given us a way to scare teh bejeezuz out of grannies at Halloween... and then get home in one piece afterwards.

What do you think? Would you spray it on your favourite hat, coat, gloves, bag, bike, hairdo, face? Pet?... (just saying, it would be quite funny).

Andrew Redman
Andrew Redman


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