Post frosty cycling time !!

by George Fox March 05, 2015

The winter seems to have finally turned away, due to finance reasons and not liking ice, instead of investing in brighter lights and “wintering” my bike I have been indoors on a high resistance cycling machine at our local fitness club. There’s a projector in front of you allowing choosing some lovely hot destination and I’ll be honest it’s been quite addictive!

Here we are in the UK diplomatically navigating the busy streets & patiently waiting for cities to finish mumbling and build proper cycle lanes. This fun “Give it a go” solution was a lot more pleasing than I thought.

Arrive at Snap Fitness (other clubs are available) and in their “special” room you can pull out a few bikes and start your very own trip in California somewhere absolutely splendid. Someone has video footage of their trip and you take their point of view, including seeing other cyclists on screen there can be other people in the room although I quite like selfishly being the only one and pulling right up to the screen so you can almost imagine you are actually there!!! (It’s like when I was a kid and used to hold model aircraft right up against my eye and run around the house pretending to be in one, until I ran into a door and almost dissected my pupil!).

Escapism for me is one of the best parts of cycling, no phone, no nagging just pedal, so this has only made it better! I was expecting to quit after 1 min but absolutely love it!

 Hope we get another frost!

George Fox
George Fox


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