Keep cars at a safe distance with the all new “Granny X1” suit!

In this modern age of hi-vis, pro*-go, keep fast and stay alert, maybe we are looking at technology for safety in the wrong way??!!.

Lets think about the psychology of the driver approaching and how they perceive us. Rather than looking like a fast, agile potential target, how about appealing to the “Gentle” nature in even the most vicious rage induced minds?!

GRANNY X1 does that, it’s a suit you wear that makes you look like that sweet lady next door braving the market on her good’ol Sturmey Archer!

Generous Padding, ecru tights, pink wash hair in curlers, and the option of a front wicker basket can give you that edge on safety you’ve been looking for and then some!!

Surely even the most impatient of van drivers will slow down for that lovely lady who probably makes cake for church on Sunday.

For male riders there’s also GRAMPS X1, well, don’t need to dig myself more into this hole I’ll let you do the rest!!


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