Confident enough for sense?

by George Fox February 04, 2015

2014 saw some pretty horrific statistics in cycling accidents. An interesting view on roads becoming safer can be seen at ( which is very promising, but in addition to deaths one has to think of all the other injuries, minor bashes, near misses and multitude of unreported events going on every day.

I’m no pro, and cycling in the city outside of the protection of a good cycle lane can be intimidating. It’s a vulnerable situation when one considers the speeds and positions we put ourselves into.

Yes ideally we all need plush cycle lanes, their introduction almost certainly “tipping” the balance in convincing many others to take the plunge! And ideally all drivers of any vehicles would check their mirrors every few seconds, but even I’ve been driving at times when people come up so fast in slow traffic it is genuinely very, very hard.

Different mediums existing in a restricted space is always tricky!

When cycling into the city centre, there’s always a variety bag of standards and speeds of cyclists. Ranging from the casual ambler, gently swaying a bit and never over 8mph ranging to the lycra-fiber uberlist (might coin that!) whizzing fast enough to get flashed by speed cameras.

No matter where you fit on this chart, there always appears to be the same issue relating to safety, commitment. I can see an opportunity ahead so how confident am I to commit? I think being a driver helps as one can see and predict from a cars point of view, yet, there is the problem, “predict”. People aren’t computers so we are all able to make impulsive decisions. This is not in defence of inconsiderate drivers, but I see many cyclists just javelining their way into a small space at speeds where there is simply no other option should the flow change in any way. I am sure these people are very skilled and road-worthy, but cars weigh, what, 20 times more on average? So honestly who’s coming out better.

Cyclists have rights to be on the road yes, but my rights are probably safer if I just think about what could happen if that decision turns sour. I like my limbs intact it’s certainly easier to keep cycling that way.

George Fox
George Fox


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