I think we have an issue with our lanes !

by George Fox January 27, 2015

As cyclists we are (I am!) obsessed with creating a cycling utopia in the UK, this is a lovely thought and hey, who knows, when the cost of squashed commuters outweighs the installation fee for a segregated cycle lane divided with some actual curbs then it will be a wonderful place.

This is starting to happen I’ve just used some of the new lane in Bristol with a big smile on my face, so thank you Bristol you blaze some trails please! 


We do also need to realise our cities (like our railway tracks not being wide enough to support larger faster trains!!) were developed without the initial thought on cycling infrastructure as per our delightful European neighbours that every blog keeps going on and on and on about. Whether a result of cost, or just not thinking, our roads and pavements are set in a particular way and jammed with traffic.

Its like when you’re sitting on a 2 seated sofa and the BIG friend jumps in-between assuring that there’s space, it never works!!

There appears to be a lot of comparison to Dutch cities, when realistically my personal thought is we should look at India / China where there is a plethora of cars, buses, bicycles and many other devices all weaving together on the road. Accidents are high and no matter what you say, if it’s bigger I ain’t stopping!



George Fox
George Fox


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