Hi- Vis Etiquette according to George!

by George Fox January 21, 2015

Lets go back to our early teenage years and rebellion to logic; it’s very cold outside, but we’re so trendy a tee shirt is more than adequate defence against the onslaught of cold wind. Why? Trying to look cool? Although to be honest I was a short fruitloopy geek so wouldn’t have even noticed J


It seems ludicrous looking back at groups of visually trembling kids who would surely look much more “alive” if they had a jumper on! Call me old fashioned, but is warm and cosy not cooler than frozen to the point of passing out?


This foundational story brings me to our subject for today, “The Etiquette of Hi-Vis clothing when cycling”


How bright? Shall I become the Lumen-being and shine so bright that Google Earth picks me up? Or, do we draw from the subconscious anti-logic rebellion that thinks it’s cool to be at the other end of our visible spectrum? And what about my lights? do I want to see everything like daylight or is that more likely to blind the car coming towards me and provoke an accident ? How much is enough?


Great TV!, he'd be good on a bike !

I remember that early 90’s Highway Code advert on TV about being seen at night, and there’s a kid wearing a completely silver/mirrored puffa jacket. Safety 100% awesome, but the amount of verbal abuse he probably received wearing that from his mates would have been hideous!!


This has come to mind, as I will be cycling to and from the gym every evening of the week as from now, adding cardio exercise to the other bits. I therefore need to make myself as visible as possible yet don’t want to turn up at the sports centre looking like I just stepped off Apollo.


But I want to be safe, fortunately visible seems to be more cool nowadays so although maybe not chroming my entire self, an amount of 3M slapped head to toe, some lights and even maybe some of those awesome Monkey Wheel Lights for measure and fun (http://www.monkeylectric.com/) And theres some really cool stuff out there now like the Halo Belt (

http://www.gizmag.com/halo-led-belt/23736/) and Hi-vis painted frames (http://www.missionbicycle.com/) but I’ll keep the teenager rebelling inside happy with some baggy socks :)

George Fox
George Fox


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