Winter Cycling for the “almost there” enthusiast

by George Fox January 16, 2015

OK here’s the conundrum, I love cycling, I love cycling on holiday, I love cycling in the spring, summer and autumn, and I also am pretty sure I would love cycling in the winter. That great feeling of being absolutely against the elements, the reward on getting back home knowing you’ve gone where most shy away, surely this is the good stuff we remember!


But, I’m a worrier, whether this has come about whilst working in health & safety or perhaps a slightly over protected childhood…Hang on, I think that’s just explained my job! Anyway, the result is the same!


Slippery icy roads, poor visibility both for cyclist and drivers, dark country lanes, I could go on! But all of the above to be honest can be resolved with just some general common sense, be aware of these risks and allow for them.


What HAS caused this issue is kit, blooming kit, OK I’ve got my bike, shoes, spare tyres, clothing, helmet, surely good to go? Oh hang on, no George you need to get your winter wardrobe for cycling ready!


So I go online and view the plethora of soft shell, waterproof, goretex, base layers, merino bib shorts, special gloves and silk liners, helmet liners, overshoes. Whilst you’re there how about a winter bike as well!!


So for 3-4 months top I would need to invest almost more than currently spent in order to feed this habit?


Hang on, how much is a Turbo Trainer?

George Fox
George Fox


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