Does anything exist for non-fatal crashes??

This is taboo! And I need to start by saying I fully appreciate the enormous dangers presented with cycling.




EPS Helmets are designed to work at a high speed where the impact presented would potentially cause non-reversible damage to the brain. This is critically important, but if involved in an accident of this kind, what about the rest of the body?


Although the risk and results of such crashes are completely devastating, from a % point of view, my question is most people’s highest risks are perhaps less extreme in day to day life?


For example, a young child learning to ride may fall off from their seat or tilt over and hit the ground. This may be at a speed not fast enough to allow an EPS helmet to work/compress. The result is a very hard thing hitting another very hard thing = no good as the child will have to absorb the impact.

Or how about the downhill / MBT trail enthusiasts, if you come off and hit a branch / tree / squirrel (ok not the last one!) these objects are not necessarily of enough mass to provoke the EPS liners to compress, once again you are left just receiving the full force of the angry tree.


Yet every helmet I see only has EPS ??? OK OK OK Cycling Standard EN 1078 from 1997 I get it. But seriously what about the rest?


Is there not an opportunity for something offering to protect against the everyday stuff we are more likely to experience? My first ride with feet in clips resulted in an embarrassing fall in front of the office, I slightly bumped my head as my arms hit the floor, not enough to activate the EPS so it just bloody hurt ? can we not just have something more forgiving ?? !!




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