What’s the deal with EPS ?? Are we running out of ideas ?!

by George Fox November 13, 2014

OK to start I better mention all observations are my own as this subject has really got on my nerves ! There seems to be an obvious unanswered question at large in the cycle helmet sector.


I’m looking to get a new helmet for winter training, and even with all the thoughts about EPS only working at possibly fatal speeds, or perhaps it’s only good for cosmetic protection or yada yada else, this is England and those country lanes are narrow and full of 4x4’s. I quite like the thought of being as safe as possible, even if it only gives a bit more Hi-Vis!

Here’s the problem, online I can see helmets starting at £20 which appear the same weight and offer the same level of protection (sub 250g’s of energy at approx. 300gsm weight) as helmets at £200!

The more expensive ones do look pretty cool, nice design, cool brands as opposed to the cheaper, slightly more “Price Leader” options. And for £180 difference they bloody should do as well!!

But now there’s more to it! 2015 is seeing a larger amount of focus on EPS with complimentary liners with “additional” protection, there’s straws pointing outwards, some nitrile linings and one with rubber nodes suspending a inner helmet freely to create an air space for movement!

Now I LOVE innovation, it’s my job, and the world would be a boring place without it. I understand the science behind the choices to add these “additional” levels of protection.




Has the point been missed here? These helmets are still using about the same amount of EPS as before (Assumption is enough EPS needed to pass the tests, so surely this doesn’t say much about the extra stuff !!) Why include something if all it’s doing is adding an extra widget to make it more expensive ?? If EPS is so unattractive and boring that you have to hide it behind straws or newspaper, maybe the best solution would be to replace the EPS entirely ??

Are we at a point where a company with say a 15+ strong collection of cycle helmets is finding it hard to come up with variety apart from just colours, more holes, larger visors etc.…

Is this because EPS is limited? It’s good enough, but not able to exceed past its current standings?

Are we just buying vanity as the performance results between cheap and expensive are pretty much like for like? Surely unless I’m travelling at speeds in excess of 60+mph I can’t see how a 2cm “Aerovent” will help me much, it’s almost going back to the days of putting spoilers on cars my nan used to drive!! mmm maybe the word ''Spoiler' was quite accurate !

George Fox
George Fox


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