Ok, respect to a real Headkayse

by Andy Creak July 28, 2014

Our friend Jon has made into the 'real respect Headkayse' camp with his successful entry into the The Club des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux. For you chaps that don't know it is only open to the people who

  • ascent of the Mont Ventoux from three main roads (Bédoin, Malaucène et Sault) at least;
  • the climb will be in the same day (but in the order and the date you prefer).

And the option that Jon chose was the Galérien - up and down from three main roads and the Route Forestière (down by one of three paved roads). This road is paved at the start and at the end, but it is deteriorates over 6 km: provide reinforced tires or use a MTB. 187 km and 6052 m difference in level.



Andy Creak
Andy Creak


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