All the gear, Wrong idea!

by George Fox July 17, 2014


  1. Take one American Football team
  2. Remove all their protective equipment
  3. Ask them to play full contact

Obviously these are battle-hardened people, but look at how they tackle and perform compared to professional Rugby players, different right?

I’m not saying one lot are tougher than the other. But fairly simple observation shows the sheer volume of pads and gear worn has affected the way they play.

Can the creation of protective equipment result in players adopting the “Superman” attitude, and doing stupid sh*t ? Take away the pain and it’s amazing what ridiculous things may occur.

The best example I can put on this is neck injuries in American Football. There is an obvious weak point between the rigid shells surrounding the head and shoulders, allowing players to crash into each other at speeds far quicker than without, but the weakest link shows thus creating a new risk, perhaps far greater than the “no armour” option.

Give a downhill cyclist some knee pads and an eps helmet and they may throw themselves at danger far harder than without yet the level of protection I would assume will not perform on a craziness / help your craziness ratio.

So what can we do? Different levels according to the risks? My assumption is given a choice people would go for the “ultimate” version just in case. We can do our best to provide suitable solutions but if you decide to go nuts, that’s your decision really!

George Fox
George Fox


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